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Thursday, January 31 2019

Masculinity is not toxic, nor is it a sickness as the American Psychological Association’s new guidelines suggest. “The truth is that masculine traits such as aggression competitiveness and protective vigilance not only can be positive, but also have a biological basis. Men produce far more testosterone, which is associated biologically and behaviorally with increased aggression and competitiveness. They also produce more vasopressin, a hormone that makes men aggressively protective of their loved ones.” (Komisar, WSJ-1/17/19).

What is unhealthy is on

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Thursday, January 24 2019

He got home after a long day, wiped out and ready to just relax a bit. When he walked in, his daughter asked for help with math homework, his son wanted to ride bikes with him through the park, his bride had a long day as well and was debating going to the store to get groceries or to make supper work with some leftovers. And the sink was still full of dishes from a gathering the night before. Balance or priorities?

One of the devil’s best lies is that on

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Thursday, January 17 2019

I think just about every parent has lost their child, even if just momentarily at some point. He may have been hiding under a clothes rack as you moved to another section of the store or she just happened to run off to play with kids in a different part of the park while you were talking to a buddy. One of the constants our kids have come to know about me is my whistle. It is loud and distinct, and it has saved us in many a situation. When the kids were ‘lost’ they essentially heard, “Here I am” through my whistle and all would be good with the world again.

A father’s “Here I am” is on

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Thursday, January 10 2019

I resolve to be a faithful father engaged in raising a godly generation across 2019. Join me by stepping up to the charge and challenging other dads in your circles to do the same.

THIS YEAR, 2019, I resolve to:

  1. Prioritize my physical presence on
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Thursday, January 03 2019

Thirty years ago, crime was out of control. Then came ‘broken windows’ policing. “If a window in a building is broken and is left unrepaired, all the rest of the windows will soon be broken.” Broken windows are “a signal that no one cares” – an emboldening message for those who would commit serious crimes. Criminologist George L. Kelling along with political scientist James Q. Wilson came up with the idea of “broken windows.” 

It began in 1982 as a on

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