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Wednesday, July 29 2015

Josiah was eight years old when he became king of Judah. His heritage through his dad and granddad was not good. In fact, Isaiah had prophesied against his dad, Amon, for the wickedness he practiced. It is not good for a king to be prophesied against by a prophet of God! We can only assume that other men or women of God began to influence Josiah because at age 26 he instructed the high priest to begin a refurbishment of the temple in Jerusalem.

Sounds like many of us – The heritage through our earthly fathers may or may not be good. In some cases it works out well – a dad is a good businessman and the son follows in his shoes. In another case, on

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Wednesday, July 22 2015

Joshua was under the tutelage of Moses for over 40 years. He had proven himself a good and trustworthy soldier. So when it came time to step into Moses’ sandals to lead the Israelites into the promised-land, he was ready. His responsibilities included taking the people into Canaan, conquer the peoples there and apportion the land among different tribes.

Sounds like being a dad – We are to raise a generation that is prepared to on

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Friday, July 10 2015

Concerns abound! The national debt, individual credit maxed out and student loans at record levels; polarization of opinions and relations is being stoked almost hourly by the media; and the world does not seem to be getting any safer. The daily issues in front of us escalate from the failure of the family to the church being under the influence of the culture to the government establishing more control over both.

With the noise level so high, distractions dominate the day. Take a moment and inventory what most of your conversations evolve around. Too often they involve anxiety and worry about the latest news story – this is being under the influence of the wrong stuff. The challenge is on to tune out the noise and tune in to on

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Wednesday, July 08 2015

The 235th birthday of these United States of America introduced a new level of irony as we celebrated the independence won against the king of Great Britain. Our founding fathers rallied the Colonies with the Declaration of Independence and proceeded to push back tyranny to birth a great nation. Historically, they orchestrated the only successful revolution against the British Empire.

The irony today is that “We the people, …”, that would be 76% of us here in Texas, that voted to validate the definition of marriage on

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Wednesday, July 01 2015

It may be a local call to God from Texas but I sure feel a lot closer to Him in the mountains of Colorado. This past week I was blessed to go backpacking in the mountains with other fathers and sons – unplugged from technology, no sports or worldly news updates. Distractions were limited to wolves howling in the distance or a mule deer strolling through the campsite. We focused on the Creator in His creation, relationship with the Father and relationships between the fathers and sons.

The summit experience provided an opportunity for fathers and sons to connect at a new level of relationship. Day to day busy-ness can inhibit the maturing of the father-child relationship and the months, even years fly by. But with time committed and the daily noise of life tuned out, on

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