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Tuesday, May 31 2016

“Born in the 1920’s, he grew up in the depression poor like most rural American children. … As he grew up he belonged to the Boy Scouts, played trumpet in the high school band and went to church almost all Sundays. In 1944 this 18-year old country boy who never traveled more than 50 miles from home found himself going through basic training at a U.S. Army Camp in Texas. After that, he rode a train with hundreds of other teenagers to New York City to board a Liberty ship to cross the Atlantic to fight WWII. … He was in the 7th Army on

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Wednesday, May 25 2016

Pleading the fifth is critical in a court of law when the defendant is called to testify against him or herself. The reference to the fifth amendment points to provisions concerning prosecution and reminds us how the founding fathers provided for basic individual rights, one of which is that no one can “be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself.”

Calling on the fifth commandment in the book of the Law is critical when on

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Thursday, May 19 2016

It is getting noisy out there and we are not just talking about the playground. This latest mandate from the federal government to the states for public schools to change common sense bathroom and locker room policies is confusing to kids. Confusion of course is the point. In this hyper-sexualized age lines have been blurred on sexuality and healthy relationships. Pornography has played a major role on this journey the past number of years especially as the Internet introduced a new level of accessibility, affordability and anonymity. The result is confusion running rampant in young minds.

In the beginning on

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Wednesday, May 11 2016

He heard the familiar tune. From the first note it was recognizable and the volume got turned up to the max. The artist’s greatest hits were on the only 8-track tape he owned. That tape was played constantly in the old car with speakers mounted in the back window. His buddies knew what they would be listening to when he picked them up to go to school and when they returned home.

The artist was on

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Wednesday, May 04 2016

He was comfortable in his job. The pay was good, hours reasonable and travel minimal. His family’s needs were met but the wants – a second car, a bigger house and kids’ activities had the expenses out-pacing the income. He justified padding his expense account because the entertaining he was doing took away from family time. Over a few months of continued financial pressure, this manifested into falsifying invoices to funnel more money his way. He covered his tracks well for a couple of years until on

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