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Tuesday, March 27 2018

Another fire – gun control in light of the school shooting in Florida. Protests have been orchestrated in several cities across the nation and the media has dutifully done their best to sensationalize emotions that run high after such a tragedy. Perspective is a tough thing to maintain in this age of media mania. Auto accidents continue to be the leading cause of death for 15-20-yearolds but there are no protests around that issue. Second is suicide. on

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Wednesday, March 21 2018

You have heard the references to sons – “He is a chip of the old block” or “The apple did not fall far from the tree.” The implication is if your dad was a good athlete, you would be a good athlete or if he was good in business that you would have a good mind for business as well. But if your dad was an alcoholic or a womanizer, the implication is not a positive one. The heritage of a father can be positive or negative.

The young man’s dad was on

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Saturday, March 10 2018

This is a heads up on three trips available this summer with Faithful Fathering. There will be a father-daughter hiking trip, a father-son backpacking trip and a camping trip for men and young men. Each is a week-long wilderness experience that provides for a wonderful opportunity to tune-out the noise of the world and tune-in to relationship with each other and with the Father.

Walking Together is a on

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Wednesday, March 07 2018

Dads often ask me what the toughest season of fathering is – ‘Teacher’, ‘Coach’ or ‘Counselor’. The general thought is that ‘Coach’ is the toughest because you are dealing with teenagers. I think the toughest season is wherever you are. With that said, as a counselor, when kids are age 20+ you typically have to wait for the phone to ring before offering advice. That can make it a very tough season for dads and moms.

One dad had a son call to say on

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