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Thursday, October 31 2019

The house was set up with all the new technology. The media bundle available opened the door to hundreds of channels and Internet with his cell phone service provider. Several big screens were set up throughout the house to view everything from Netflix to popular sitcoms, to HBO to tremendously advanced video games. One weekend, the dad got a lot of pushback when he wanted the whole family to go camping at a state park. The kids, left to their own devices, preferred staying home and playing games.

In the Dad’s Armor study, a standard is presented for what the house of a father is expected to look like. There is on

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Thursday, October 24 2019

He had his share of training physically by participating in the various sports played through high school. Competing at the college level required a willingness and tenacity to endure the training that would facilitate further growth. As an adult in the workplace, training was required as part of getting in line with company expectations. Physical and job-related training are part of normal life in this world.

Training in relationships and discipleship are on

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Thursday, October 17 2019

The young man completed his college degree and was ready to start what he knew would be a successful business career. A job offer was extended and accepted from a company that recognized young talent. The demands were excessive and the hours were long. The promotions, pay raises and new opportunities had him moving up the career ladder at a good pace. All that was happening was in stride with his goal to be president of the company within 15 years.

The religious background in the home he grew up in provided on

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Thursday, October 10 2019

The story goes of one man receiving a call to change the world. As an ambassador to a foreign nation, he felt he was in the right spot, but the complexities of the different nations quickly overwhelmed him. Frustrated, he turned to his own nation to change it for the better. Again, the different cultures created obstacles he could not overcome. He then decided to turn to his city, but times had changed and the city council was not receptive to his suggestions. Finally, he turned to his family thinking he could at least have an impact there, but his kids were now grown.

The moral of the story is on

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Thursday, October 03 2019

One of my favorite movie clips is from Michael where John Travolta plays the Archangel. The scene is late in the movie – Michael sees a bull standing in the pasture and says, “Battle!” as he hops the fence to face off against the bull. After the head-on collision, both the bull and Michael are on the ground. When asked if he is okay, Michael responds, “No injuries, 6360 battles,” as his friend helps him up.

The message on

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