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Wednesday, May 31 2017

He decided to call his dad and ask if he might have some time available the next weekend. He thought it would be great if they could enjoy a breakfast or lunch and do something together. His dad lived several hours away so it was not a routine trip other than on holidays with all the family. This time it would be just him traveling up to have a day with his dad.

When he called, Dad’s immediate response was on

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Wednesday, May 24 2017

The man was determined to overcome. He would have a happy marriage and family; he would not let alcoholism continue through his generation; and he would live above the poverty line he had grown up below. In his rational mind, the ability to provide well for his family would keep everyone happy and eliminate the need to turn to alcohol. Financial provision became priority one.

Provision is on

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Wednesday, May 17 2017

There are some movies that seem to live on through the one-liners that stick with us. In our family, when someone says, “Run Forest, run!” or “We don’t need no stinking burros,” smiles and laughter follow. One that instantly has us cracking up is from a scene in “Shanghai Noon” - Jackie Chan climbs up on a horse to get away from some bad guys after drinking a bit too much. The horse evidently found a way to indulge in the spirits as well and both fall to the ground in a stupor. Laying there beside his horse on

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Wednesday, May 10 2017

William Wilberforce turned his life around as an Evangelical Christian in 1790. Already in Parliament, he began what proved to be an 18-year mission to abolish slavery in Great Britain. He was part of the Clapham Sect that worked to raise awareness of a number of social issues including the atrocities committed against mankind in the slave trade and he consistently introduced unpopular anti-slavery motions in Parliament. In 1807, the slave trade was finally abolished but on

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Wednesday, May 03 2017

She was an incredible woman. Born in 1921, she aspired to be a vocal performer. As a senior in high school, she contracted tuberculosis. Her dream to perform was no longer possible and the vocal scholarship to attend college was rescinded. She married a handsome Navy pilot just before he was deployed to the South Pacific Theater in WWII. He returned quite a different man than the one she married. Post-Traumatic Stress played a major role in on

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