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Wednesday, September 30 2015

Kevin grew up in a violent alcoholic home. The arguments were many, often erupting to the point where his mom would load up the kids in the car and drive around until his dad fell asleep. Other times his mom would have to call the police and he would watch his dad be subdued by the officers, handcuffed and put in the patrol car. His mom’s resolve in marriage was impressive but the family life was not healthy. He assumed all families struggled like this.

One summer, Kevin’s uncle on

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Wednesday, September 23 2015

Jeff’s work required extensive travel during the week. On weekends he entertained clients on the golf course, often spending time beyond the golf for drinks and a meal afterward. Jeff was well respected in his profession, a good manager with a knack for connecting with customers and building solid business relationships.

On the personal side, Jeff did the “church thing” when he did not have an early Sunday tee time. He provided well for his family and his marriage was okay. He thought tension in the marriage would ease once he was able to establish a level of financial security. One Sunday at church, on

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Wednesday, September 16 2015

His teenage son walked in the room and said, “Dad, can we talk? I have been struggling with pornography for over two years and I need your help to quit this.” Ken’s first reaction was anger but he kept it in check. The second emotion experienced was embarrassment because he struggled with pornography as well. His inclination was to hide his embarrassment with anger toward his son. That would give him cover and shut down the conversation he did not want to have. But Ken was convicted to do better than that.

Ken sat down and talked with his son about how beautiful women are on

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Wednesday, September 09 2015

In the hit movie, “War Room”, Tony was the man! He was physically fit. He was his company’s top salesman, landing deals others could not and landing the associated pay with bonuses. He had a large home, a beautiful wife and a precious little girl. Life was good.

Life also involved long hours with the job, extensive travel and pressure for continued results. The intense pursuit of success created tension in the home and frustration in the marriage relationship. Temptation knocked on the door during a business trip on

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Wednesday, September 02 2015

Andy had just moved into the area and was settling into a new church. He felt a bit uncomfortable as several of the men in the church actually kind of hugged each other on Sunday mornings as they said, “Good morning brother.” While Andy had played the major sports growing up and certainly hugged a teammate after a big play or victory, he saw hugging as odd for church etiquette and steered clear of those men.

One Sunday, one of “those men” came up to Andy, on

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