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Wednesday, April 25 2018

When pond fishing, it is common to have a minimum size and weight of fish that you can keep. In some cases, the type of fish may even be stipulated – the landowner may be trying to thin out the perch population or decrease the number of big bass. When taking the kids fishing, it is important to explain up front that if they catch the wrong thing, it will need to be thrown back. It is not that easy in life.

He made sure the family went to church most every Sunday and that the kids were on

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Tuesday, April 17 2018

What a great one-liner Southwest Airlines has used to encourage folks to escape from present circumstances and travel to one of their many destinations for a reasonable fare. The commercials are effective because everyone can relate to the awkwardness of showing up at the wrong place at the wrong time and wanting to get small. Southwest pipes in, “Wanna get away?”

That can happen to us dads as the kids mature. It seems we turn around and another school year is in the books - Fifty-two marbles gone if you are counting. That boy is becoming a young man and the little girl is becoming a young lady. The busy-ness of work and activities have made any one-on-one time almost impossible. “Wanna get away? on

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Tuesday, April 10 2018

He put on the bunny suit every Easter and had fun with the kids as they hunted and found Easter eggs. There were lots of laughs and giggles as the big bunny talked with them. Some would ask if he really was the Easter bunny while others wanted him to help them find more eggs. Much fun was had and a couple of generations of kids still have fond memories of the big bunny that showed up every year.

Only a few folks in town knew on

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Tuesday, April 03 2018

“Do you really believe that what you believe is really real?” That was the question posed so powerfully by Dr. Del Tackett in Focus on the Family’s lecture/study series called “The Truth Project”. From the first Easter morning to Pentecost, as Jesus appeared to the apostles several times, they began to really believe what had been so hard to fathom from His teachings just weeks before.

He did not just appear to them. He talked with them, walked with them and ate with them. The Light began on

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