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Tuesday, November 28 2017

I have had a number of requests the last few years for an up to date list of good resources for dads and moms to reference when talking with kids of all ages about sexuality and healthy relationships. Today it is very important to be tech savvy enough to stay on top of what is happening on social media and be vulnerable enough to start the dialogue early and often with the kids about sexuality. And remember, as Paul Brown said in his recent talk, it is not a battle between parents and kids; it is a battle of family against the world.

For nearly three years, Faithful Fathering has been on the LTAP journey with other church and community leaders. LTAP is short for “Let’s Talk About Porn” – there have been four LTAP conferences across the Houston area reaching 2500 dads, moms and students. From those events, the following resource list has been developed on

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Wednesday, November 22 2017

Thanksgiving always carries a special significance for Faithful Fathering as we give thanks to our Lord for you and the opportunities granted through your support over this past year, our seventeenth year to encourage and equip dads to be faithful fathers. Please read on for a snapshot of where FF has been, where the Lord has us and where we feel He is leading us: on

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Wednesday, November 15 2017

It is one of my favorite movie scenes – In Braveheart, William Wallace rides up on a horse to address the troops. The men are looking across the field at an English army that greatly outnumbers them and some express an unwillingness to fight. Wallace says, “Aye, you can return to your homes and live but what kind of life will it be without freedom?” He proceeded to call out to the “Sons of Scotland!” He said, “You fight today as free men against an enemy that wants to take our freedom!”

The Scots stepped on

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Wednesday, November 08 2017

Freedom to be sexually active without the fear of getting pregnant was a new dimension for women when “the pill” was legalized for unmarried women in the late 1960’s. There was a new freedom introduced to young men as well, freedom of responsibility. When an unexpected pregnancy did happen, instead of taking responsibility as a man, fingers were often pointed at the woman for not taking “the pill” – Memories of Adam in the Garden come to mind, “The woman You put here with me …” (Genesis 3:12)

Many have been lured into on

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Wednesday, November 01 2017

It may be counter-cultural today to say that dads and moms are important. Each brings a very unique dimension to the parenting equation that influences a child’s ability to navigate through life. Men and women have been lured in to thinking they are mutually interchangeable but they are not. Recent research in psychology, neuroscience and epigenetics validates what has been common sense for previous generations - that moms and dads are uniquely important beyond the obvious reasons.

In her book, “Being There: Why Prioritizing Motherhood in the First Three Years Matters” psychoanalyst Erica Komisar says on

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