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Thursday, June 25 2020

What is next? We have been through a lot. Alan Jackson’s song, “Where Were You?”, written after the attack on the World Trade Center towers in 2001, comes to mind. The song asks, “Where were you when the world stopped turnin’ on that September day?” And it ends with, “I’m just a singer of simple songs, I’m not a real political man. I watch CNN, but I’m not sure I can tell you the diff’rence in Iraq and Iran. But I know Jesus and I talk to God, and I remember this from when I was young - faith, hope, and love are some good things He gave us. And the greatest is love.”

In many respects, it seems the world on

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Thursday, June 18 2020

THIS FATHER’S DAY, June 21st, 2020, I commit as a faithful father to move forward with a New Perspective gleaned from experiences we had as a family Before Covid & During Covid. I will: on

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Thursday, June 11 2020

What battles are you facing today? In July of 1863, at the battle of Gettysburg, seven thousand men died in three days. That battle proved to be a major turning point in the Civil War, putting a stop to General Lee’s invasion of the North. It took two more years and many more battles for the war to come to a close, at the cost of nearly 750,000 American lives. That bit of our history sure puts my battles into perspective.

Arguably, the most important battle on

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Thursday, June 04 2020

America is a diverse nation. Politically, there are small government folks and those that believe in big government. There are democrats and republicans, conservatives and liberals, right-wing and left-wing activists. Different ethnicities and religions add to the dynamic. Then there are the various media. All have an agenda and speak a unique language. Clarity across the diverse lines can be challenging.

Since our founding, man’s will in man’s strength has stirred up factions that in turn stir up confusion. Recently in the same week, we have seen on

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