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Thursday, May 28 2020

“Who are you?” That was the question Pete Townshend asked a police officer that had recognized him. Pete, guitarist and singer for the English rock band “The Who”, was in an inebriated state and the officer, whom he did not know but that knew him, saved him a night in jail. That encounter was the catalyst for the 1970’s hit song by the same title.

“Who are you?” seems a simple question to answer. Most will on

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Thursday, May 21 2020

How are you doing? Have you seen glimpses of God’s glory these past couple of months in what many dads have started calling ‘bonus family time’? Or has stress been high as a result of job loss or an industry taking an abnormally hard hit due to the mandatory shutdown? Prayers are lifted up as we Americans, from coast to coast begin the race reboot.

I am not suggesting that we simply reboot back to the rat race that was being run ‘BC’, Before Covid. The charge is on

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Thursday, May 14 2020

A group of guys were talking about the need to get in shape physically. All were past the age of forty and realized it was not going to get any easier as they approached fifty. When it came time to commit to the program agreed upon, one guy balked and said, “I am in shape - Round is a shape. I’m good.”

Are you “good”? Or, are you intentional about getting in shape? “Are you prepared on

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Thursday, May 07 2020

An annual tribute to my mother and encouragement to you:
She was an incredible woman. Born in 1921, she aspired to be a vocal performer. As a senior in high school, she contracted tuberculosis. Her dream to perform was no longer possible and the vocal scholarship to attend college was rescinded. She married a handsome Navy pilot just before he was deployed to the South Pacific Theater in WWII. He returned quite a different man than the one she married. Post-Traumatic Stress played a major role in the alcoholism and other challenges the marriage and family would face over the ensuing years. Ma endured on

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