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Thursday, April 25 2019

He had been in prison for a number of years. While there, his ex-wife had moved across state lines with the kids. Upon release, parole stipulations did not allow him to leave the state. Frustrated, he reached out to a ministry leader for some guidance on how to connect with his kids. He had not seen them since he first went to prison and his understanding was that he now had a granddaughter.

The ministry leader encouraged the young man to on

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Thursday, April 18 2019

It was a confusing time. He enjoyed running a lawncare service crew through high school and thought he might continue that because it was pretty good money. A father-figure pushed the idea of a college education but that seemed financially out of reach and he did not like school that much. He had a dream of being a Navy pilot like his dad, so enlisting in the military seemed a good option for consideration. It was decision time.

When is enough formal education enough? Over the last several decades we have heard on

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Thursday, April 11 2019

Dad moved his family five times in her first nine years of life. His daughter had attended four different schools by the time she entered the fourth grade and he was still traveling about 75% of the time. He had not made one parent-teacher conference, not one school activity and even missed her stage debut when she got the lead in her second-grade production – 468 marbles lost.

On their last move, a friend shared a story of how his dad on

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Thursday, April 04 2019

It was forty-nine years ago that we heard those infamous words, “Houston, we have a problem.” Two days into their mission, the crew of Apollo 13 had an oxygen tank explode some 200,000 miles from earth. The lunar landing was aborted and the mission became one of survival. It was all-hands-on-deck at Mission Control to provide whatever was needed to get the crew back home safely.

Life can be like that. I know one dad who keeps on

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