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Thursday, March 28 2019

The market changed. What had been college funds for the kids was gone. When he was introduced to the “high risk, high return” fund years earlier, what he heard was just the “high return” piece. On the highly focused quest for financial security, one step was to secure funds for the kids’ advanced education. That step was behind him, he thought. Then the “risk” piece hit. The fund collapsed.

Life is like that. Folks hear what they want to hear until on

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Thursday, March 21 2019

His phone went off and he answered it in the middle of dinner. He stepped away to carry on a short conversation and then returned to the table. His daughter asked, “What was so important that interrupted our family dinner time Daddy?” Dad was busted and that started a dialogue around protecting family time from distractions. A new family policy around phones and other electronic devices was initiated. 

The mere presence of one’s own smartphone may induce “brain drain” by on

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Thursday, March 14 2019

She was lucky. She escaped and managed to call her mom and dad. Many are not lucky and become statistics associated with the epidemic of pornography and sex-trafficking. For her, it started off innocently enough – a new “friend” told her how attractive she was and encouraged her to visit a photographer that might be able to help launch a modeling career. Modeling sessions became compromising photographs which became leverage for control over her. Scared and intimidated, she saw no way out.

Three things girls need to hear from their dad are: on

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Thursday, March 07 2019

His dad had passed during his early teen years. He processed the grief as best he could and pressed on to complete his education, begin a career, marry and have kids of his own. Now as a dad himself, he realized yet another void in his life without a dad around – He did not have a sounding board, that fatherly wisdom to draw on for this new chapter of life as a dad.

One of the big differences between men and women is on

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