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Thursday, February 23 2023

Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky, has been blessed with a history of great revivals since 1905. There have been several occasions when significant moves of the Holy Spirit have swept the campus and reached across the nation. One such occasion was in February, 1950, when a student testimony led to confessions, victories and more testimonies. This went on uninterrupted for 118 hours and became the second leading news story nationwide.

Another occasion was on on

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Thursday, February 16 2023

How often do you have family conversations that bring biblical views into the dialogue? In the book, Revolutionary Parenting, George Barna writes that, “This practice is certainly an aberration, even among families in which one or both parents are born-again Christians.”

The Lenten season, the 40 days leading up to the most important day in our Christian faith, Easter, provides a great opportunity to on

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Thursday, February 09 2023

Dads of grown children know the significance of relationships in the life of a child as he or she matures, and the necessity of clear boundaries at every stage. The message to younger dads is that it starts early in the immediate family. As a husband and wife mature into dad and mom in front of the child, their example from the get-go provides the foundation the child will reference throughout life.

During the second ten years of a child’s life, siblings, extended family and neighborhood friends will offer new on

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Thursday, February 02 2023

There are New Year resolutions, and there is resolve. What is the difference? A resolution is typically a specific, short-term action that can be checked off as done. A parallel can be made to a religious activity, something you do. To resolve is a commitment to a long-term effort to grow or improve. Here, the parallel is to a relationship, something you are growing in or becoming.

These last several weeks, a father’s resolve to on

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