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Thursday, August 29 2019

She was cast as the lead in her 2nd grade musical production. Her passion for singing and performing had been on display from an early age so the little girl was excited about the opportunity to be on stage. She enjoyed everything about the rehearsals after school. There was no complaining about the extra work. Finally, the night of the performance came, her debut on stage and her dad on

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Thursday, August 22 2019

The 4 X 400 relay is my favorite track & field event – There is speed, teamwork and passing of the baton. Stringent rules governing the race require the runner to stay within his or her lane – if a runner drifts across the line, the result is disqualification. Then there is a 20-meter window, the exchange zone in which the baton is to be handed to the next runner – if the baton is dropped, the result is disqualification. Finally, the receiving runner must grasp the baton and hold onto it through the next leg of the race. When the relay is run well, it is beautiful to watch. When it is not, the clank of the baton can be heard throughout the stadium.

In the relay of life, dads come out of the blocks confident they can run the race well. Then the work begins as they on

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Thursday, August 15 2019

On Faithful Fathering’s summer adventures – the Father/Daughter Hiking & Father/Son Backpacking in the San Juan Mountains or Men/Young Men Camping on High Country in Central Colorado, the promise is to push participants physically, emotionally and spiritually. The prayer is that hearts will be opened to a new level of relationship with the Heavenly Father and those on the trip. Of course, as my son told a group on the backpacking trip, we can only control one of those dimensions – the physical. Thus, the significance of going hiking.

The mountains have a way of humbling a person. On several occasions on

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Thursday, August 08 2019

What responsibilities weigh on your heart as a father today? The world is performance-based, meaning the drivers typically involve self-improvement, self-motivation and self-promotion in status, career or influence. This can lead to priorities getting all discombobulated and key responsibilities getting pushed to the back burner. The Dad’s Armor study encourages and equips dads to keep hearts turned in the right direction.

One dad found himself caught up in on

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Thursday, August 01 2019

The professor had a jar of rocks on his desk. He asked his students if the jar was full. There was a resounding “Yes!” Then he pulled out a jar of pebbles and poured them in the jar. As the pebbles sifted in around the larger rocks, he presented the same question to the class. This time the response was, “Absolutely this time!” Then the professor produced a jar of sand and proceeded to pour the contents into the original jar. Again, the sand settled in around the larger rocks and pebbles and he posed the question one more time. The class said, “We think so.”

Finally, the professor produced a on

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