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Thursday, January 23 2020

You have heard me say that I have lost my marbles. There were 936 marbles in the jars representing the number of weekends I had from birth to age 18 with each child. Taking a marble out each week provided a visual reminder of how quickly the time gets by.

Resolve this year to stay connected, to invest on

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Thursday, January 16 2020

When Faithful Fathering charges dads to PASS the BATON of faith well to the next generation, the ‘A’ in PASS is for Action. Men tend to be passive and passivity is the devil’s playground where marriages fail nearly half the time and kids look to the internet and peers for answers to life’s questions.

Resolve this New Year to on

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Thursday, January 09 2020

Resolve this New Year to Pass the Baton well to the next generation. PASS and BATON are acronyms Faithful Fathering uses to encourage dads on the journey - The ‘P’ is for being Purpose-filled. The question becomes one of whose purpose a dad identifies with. Typically, all fall under one or more of three primary identities - Identity in the world, in self or in the Trinity.

Identity in the world is on

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Thursday, January 02 2020

Should you accept this mission to resolve to be a faithful father engaged in raising a godly generation, you will be on

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