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Wednesday, April 26 2017

On the first date, they talked for hours. In fact, he got her home quite late, later than her curfew, so he was in trouble with her dad before they even met. Over the following months, talk of their lives together just flowed naturally. Even though they were still in college and knew they would wait to marry until after graduation, discussions often went to how neat their kids were going to be and how fun it would be to raise their family together. They did marry shortly after graduating from college.

One day, several years into the marriage she was researching some information on the computer. It was her husband’s computer because hers had been acting up. A pop-up window invited her to on

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Wednesday, April 19 2017

He was not a bad guy. He worked hard at his job and was determined to be a better husband and father than the men he saw growing up. He certainly had witnessed enough examples of what not to do. He led his family to church most Sundays and he made the kids’ events as his work schedule allowed.

One day the man’s pastor invited him to go on a Walk on

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Sunday, April 09 2017

We usually we get an unenthusiastic, “Okay,” or a shrug when we order water to drink. Hanna said, “Great! I will be right back with your water and be ready to take your order for dinner.” She had an engaging and bubbly personality as our waitress. When she brought our meals out I told her we were going to bless the food and asked her if there was anything we could pray about for her. Hanna’s countenance changed. She looked up and down the row of tables, moved closer to us and whispered, on

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Wednesday, April 05 2017

There were five divorces in his immediate family so his perspective on marriage was influenced by the high failure rate. The young man knew marriage was important, particularly for raising a family, but the results in his family were not encouraging. In his wisdom, it seemed rational that a couple should live together for a period of time to make sure a marriage would work. That was his plan but when he met the right young lady, she told him to talk with her dad about that.

The young man did on

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