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Thursday, April 29 2021

Heads-up dads – the time gets by quickly. One dad reflected that it seemed like yesterday they brought their daughter home from the hospital. He could hold her in one hand and marveled at how beautiful and fragile she was. He naively pledged to never let go of her. Of course, he had to let go when she took her first step and several years later when she yelled, “Let go Daddy!” as he ran beside her bicycle.

Then when she was a teenager on

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Thursday, April 22 2021

Perspective for today - “When anyone is overcome by horror and repugnance in the presence of a deadly epidemic, he should take courage and strength in the firm assurance that it is the devil who stirs up such abhorrence, fear and loathing in his heart. He is such a bitter, knavish devil that he not only unceasingly tries to slay and kill, but also takes delight in making us deathly afraid, worried, and apprehensive so that we should regard dying as horrible and have no rest or peace all through our life.”

When do you think this was written, and by whom? on

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Thursday, April 15 2021

When schools shut down last year, parents in general were ill-equipped to stand in the gap for their kids’ education. Then when most churches moved to online services, there was another gap to fill. The reality hit home that they, dads and moms had not been as involved as they intended to be in two of the most critical areas of their children’s lives. The educational and spiritual development of their kids had effectively been abdicated to schools and churches.

This abdication is not by on

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Thursday, April 08 2021

It was about a year ago that I first heard a dad say, “This is like God giving us all a big ‘TIME OUT!’ to get our priorities straight.” In the midst of confusion and frustration around the progression from, “Fifteen days to flatten the curve”, to being introduced to mask mandates and social distancing, and then lockdowns, I saw the comment as a beautiful glimpse of God’s glory.

Before Covid, many dads and moms had been on

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Thursday, April 01 2021

On Broadway, the theaters historically have gone ‘dark’ on Mondays to provide a full day off after a Tuesday through Sunday production. Last March, all theaters in New York City and across the country along with sporting venues, restaurants and even churches went dark. All has been ‘dark’ for over a year now providing folks time off from some established norms.

Has this past year been 'dark' for you? Know that darkness never on

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