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Thursday, January 31 2013

My son recently rebuilt the carburetor on "Laz" (the name given his '57 F-250). Over the last few years some old gas had gummed up the jets and the truck was running pretty rough. With some time spent cleaning and rebuilding, Laz was renewed, running much better.

Spiritually I have felt a lot like Laz - gummed up by some worldly experiences and bad theology from my past. I was running pretty rough, missing on a few cylinders. I praise the Lord for His word and His love in my life - it has involved some cleaning and rebuilding but He is renewing my mind through prayer, scripture worship and study. The transformation taking place is not changing who I am but rather it is making me keenly aware of Whose I am where He has me. I am not perfect but I am running much better.

The Lord is working through the daily practice of prayer, scripture, worship and study to RENEW my mind. That is what our kids need to see - that we are RENEWING our mind by His grace through His word.
The Word on  RENEWING is: Do not conform to the patterns of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind ... - Romans 12:2.

The patterns of this world work to conform us to BUSY-ness - busy at work, busy with the kids, busy with social activities, busy with church work, busy volunteering, etc... BUSY stands for Being Under Satan's Yoke. Paul's admonition is for us to turn from those patterns and be transformed under the influence of the Holy Spirit by renewing our mind with the Word of God.
Prayer guide: Lord, help me embrace the transformation You seek. Not to be someone I am not but to be all You call me to be. Renew my mind daily through prayer, scripture, worship and study that I may be renewed and run efficiently for the Kingdom. Amen
A faithful father is being transformed by the renewing of his mind.


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Thursday, January 24 2013

In my favorite burger joint there was a sign behind the cash register that read, "IN GOD WE TRUST, all others have to pay." Now that owner knew Who to trust!

Who or what do you put your trust in? I spent too many years putting my trust in the illusive financial security I sought for my family. When asked, "How much is enough?" I would respond, "A little bit more!" The high-risk funds imploded and I realized I needed to trust One much more solid than my concept of financial security to provide grounding for my family.
We tend to trust a lot of stuff - the paychecks will get deposited, the other guys will stay in their lanes on the freeway and that the doctor's opinion is accurate. There are a number of modern-day idols we trust and seek comfort in. What do our kids see when the paycheck gets disrupted, someone cuts us off on the freeway or when the diagnosis is not good news? Does frustration, even anger percolate? The Lord is teaching me that as I trust in Him, His joy and peace will be reflected. I am blessed with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. That is what our kids need to see, and catch - Who we TRUST.
The Word on TRUST is: May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. - Romans 15:13.

Paul is encouraging the early Church to move beyond the idols of their day, to trust fully in the Father through His Son Jesus the Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. The timelessness of God's word encourages us to move beyond the idols of today.
Prayer guide: Lord, most days I trust in You but some days I am the guy I trust in. Forgive my weak faith. Strengthen me through time in prayer, scripture, fasting and study to trust You all my days. I pray my family sees and catches the joy and peace that is You in my life, the grounding in eternal hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen
A faithful father experiences and reflects all joy and peace as he trusts the Father.


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