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Thursday, August 25 2022

Early on, a dad may find this easy to stay engaged as he brings his child’s favorite lunch to elementary school and hangs out over recess. But he quickly learns this is not cool in middle school. The second tenant of Faithful Fathering’s charge to dads, after prioritizing physical presence, is to be engaged emotionally.

How is a dad to stay emotionally engaged as his kids mature and develop relationships beyond the family? The first step is to on

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Thursday, August 18 2022

Starting a new job, the hours were long, demands were high and there was a lot of responsibility on his shoulders. But he loved the work and the challenges it offered. So much so that he was oblivious to the corresponding challenges that were created in his marriage and young family.

He loved his bride and family very much. In fact, he on

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Thursday, August 11 2022

How do arguments start? Name calling – “You are transphobic, intolerant of others!” Accusations – “You question Black Lives Matter’s motives? You are racist!” Finger-pointing – “You, and those that think like you, are why we cannot talk anymore!” Voices are raised, anger ensues and folks walk out in a huff. It is happening in families, churches and the public square. Have we lost the ability to argue civilly?

In God in the Dock, an accumulation of C.S. Lewis’ essays, he introduces the reader to on

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Thursday, August 04 2022

It seems so long ago that I heard dads talk of the peace at home when the family calendar was clear, thanks to the impact of the Covid lockdown. Families found they were able to enjoy the evening meal together every night. Some dads embraced the joy of making breakfast for the kids and sitting down with them before school. The flexibility of working at home provided many dads more opportunity to engage with their kids.

The popular thought was that there was a silver lining in the lockdown, that it had provided on

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