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Wednesday, July 31 2013

When an athlete is asked to reflect upon his best performance, often times he will comment on his ability to slow the game down. The game did not change but his mind clicked in, discerning between the surrounding noise and what required his attention. In Seven Days in Utopia, David Cook writes that it is important for a golfer to “keep the game in front of him.” In other words, don’t just react to the situation. Slow down and think ahead.
Like the athlete, my days go better when I am able to slow life down. Read more ...

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Sunday, July 14 2013

THE EYES HAVE IT – We men are visual so where our eyes go, our mind is quick to follow. The pornography industry has keyed off this fact for decades. The self-help industry has as well by encouraging men to put a picture of the house or car desired on a wall where it will be seen several times a day to help keep the eyes focused on the goal. This fit right in with the commitment I made to live above the poverty line that I grew up below. At a relatively young age my eyes began to focus in on making money, the next step on the career ladder and collecting stuff – my eyes were fixed in the world. Some success was realized but the collateral damage on the relational front was costly – very limited friendships and a family about to give up on me. Read on ...

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Friday, July 05 2013

Vishal Mangalwadi, in his book, The Book That Made Your World writes of a family that let their little girl die because, in the clutches of poverty the child was too much a liability. They already had a girl. A second girl would require a second dowry for marriage and the burden would not stop there. Her family did not see another way out. Vishal goes on to explore the notions of human dignity and rights embraced by the West through the Bible and the Christian faith. Read more...

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Friday, July 05 2013

LEADING – Even in these days of group think and team projects, leadership in the corporate world, small business, the school system and even churches is still paramount to an organization’s effectiveness. General Norman Schwarzkopf, known as “Stormin’ Norman” for the Desert Storm campaign in the early ’90’s, once said “leadership is about stepping up when given the opportunity and taking charge. When tough decisions need to be made, a leader does what is right.” I think Stormin’ Norman had read the book of Joshua. Read more ...

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Tuesday, July 02 2013

July 4th, Independence Day – We are celebrating the birth of this one nation under God, independence from the British throne. The founding fathers in turn wrote a remarkable plan of government in 1787, the United States Constitution. The great work not only gave the United States status as a nation, it established the supreme law of the land. Interestingly, John Adams, the second president of these United States put that great work in perspective by saying, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”
There is the supreme law of the land and then there is the Law that undergirds that law. Read more...

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