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Wednesday, July 31 2013

When an athlete is asked to reflect upon his best performance, often times he will comment on his ability to slow the game down. The game did not change but his mind clicked in, discerning between the surrounding noise and what required his attention. In Seven Days in Utopia, David Cook writes that it is important for a golfer to “keep the game in front of him.” In other words, don’t just react to the situation. Slow down and think ahead.
Like the athlete, my days go better when I am able to slow life down. Naturally, I tend to react to noise in the world and fail to keep life in front of me. As a result I can end up in the rough and it always takes several strokes to recover.

The Word on WAITING is: “Therefore, return to your God, observe kindness and justice, and wait for your God continually.”  Hosea 12:6

  • Hosea calls us to discern through the noise of the times, focus in on kindness and justice, and wait for God continually. “Wait” does not mean to sit on your duff. Disciplined waiting is keeping life in front of you by listening well to the word of God, hearing what He has to say and obeying under the influence of the Holy Spirit.

Prayer guide: Lord, too often I am in a hurry, pushing through life until I hit the wall. Then I realize I was the guy I was listening to, not You. Forgive me. Refresh me through time with You in prayer and scripture, that I may listen well and hear what it is that You have to say, what You want to do through me. Grant me patience to wait for You, to discern through the noise of these times, and the strength to obey Your word in Your love. Amen.


A faithful father listens well, discerns and obeys God’s word.

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Thank Rick for the encouraging word. You are a blessing brother
Posted by Greg on 08/05/2013 - 10:00 AM

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