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Thursday, September 27 2018

Our Houston Astros have racked up a number of Most Valuable Player awards over the past year – Jose Altuve was MVP of the American League; Justin Verlander was MVP of the 2017 American League Championship Series; George Springer was MVP of the 2017 World Series; and Alex Bregman was named MVP of the 2018 All Star game! While accepting the individual awards, each player pointed to the MVP performance by the team as a whole including Manager A.J. Hinch, General Manager Jeff Luhnow, President Reid Ryan and Owner Jim Crane. Go Stros!

Houston also has a number of MVP fathers. MVP stands for - being Motivated to be physically present; providing Vision for family; and being Purpose-filled on the journey as a faithful father. Being physically present is helping with homework and making as many events and activities as possible. Providing vision is helping kids understand their unique gifts and guiding them in nurturing those gifts to glorify the Father. Being purpose-filled is the intentional effort made to become a faithful father – a dad that prioritizes physical presence, is engaged emotionally and leads spiritually by example.

I pray for them. I am not praying for the world, but for those You have given me, for they are Yours. All I have is Yours, and all You have is Mine. And glory has come to Me through them. I will remain in the world no longer, but they are still in the world, and I am coming to You. Holy Father, protect them by the power of Your name, the name You gave Me, so that they may be one as We are One. – John 17:9-11. Jesus was physically present, walking in ministry with the disciples for three years. Dads early on think 15 – 18 years is a long time but it gets by quickly. Physical presence is a dad’s ministry and must be prioritized over other commitments. Secondly, Jesus provided a vision for continued ministry through the disciples when He sent them out to minister in twos (Matthew 10:5). A dad provides vision by exposing kids to various opportunities, letting go at times and allowing them to work through failure. And thirdly, just as Jesus prayed for His disciples, dads are to pray for their kids & family. Being purpose-filled starts with prayer and matures through marriage and through relationships with other dads in your circles.

MVP Father is also the name of Faithful Fathering’s second semi-annual men's conference! YOU ARE INVITED to hear several influential fathers across the Houston area share godly wisdom on being Motivated as a dad, providing Vision in family and being Purpose-filled as a faithful father – to become the dad you are called to be, the dad the next generation needs. The event is hosted by Sagemont Church on Saturday evening, October 20th, 2018, 6:00-7:30P.M. Doors will open at 5:30P.M. The event is free but we do ask that you register at

Prayer guide: Lord, thank You for Your word and Your example. You honored the Father with every step You took on this earth and You served as a spiritual father in walking with the disciples. Thank You for the opportunity to be Your representative in the family I am blessed with. Grant me strength and wisdom to be an MVP Father, to learn from You through Your word and PASS the BATON of faith well to the next generation. Thank You Jesus. Amen.

A faithful father is Motivated, provides Vision and is Purpose-filled as a father.

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