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Thursday, May 26 2022

Whose purpose are we to be filled with? In his fabulous book, Purpose Driven Life, Rick Warren opens with the statement, “It is not about you.” If it is not about us, who is it about? What purpose are we to be driven by? What purpose can man identify with?

Arguably, there are three identities that drive a man’s purpose: First, is an identity in on

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Thursday, May 19 2022

One’s foundation of worldview is based on a collection of attitudes, values, stories and expectations about the world around us, which inform our every thought and action. While the home environment impresses a worldview on the young mind, adults have to take responsibility for how they choose to view the world.

Arguably, there are two primary worldviews on

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Thursday, May 12 2022

Who do you turn to in times of trial? There has been no shortage of trials the past couple of years. Corporations, private businesses, churches and individuals, all faced the various phases of Covid challenges. Understandably, many turned to the government for guidance, mandates, loans and stimulus payments. Who else was there to turn to?

In an interview titled, “America Needs on

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Thursday, May 05 2022

An annual tribute to my mother and an encouragement to you:
She was an incredible woman. Born in 1921, she aspired to be a vocal performer. As a senior in high school, she contracted tuberculosis. Her dream to perform was no longer possible and the vocal scholarship to attend college was rescinded. She married a handsome Navy pilot just before he was deployed to the South Pacific Theater in WWII. He returned on

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Thursday, April 28 2022

One dad led his family to church every Sunday. For one to two hours he prioritized church with his family. For the rest of the week, he prioritized work that involved long hours and extensive travel. While the intent initially was to provide well financially for his family, in fact he put his marriage and family in the back seat on his personal drive to be successful.

It is important to know that as dads lead, kids will on

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Thursday, April 21 2022

Are you where you are? That seems like a strange question but how often have you allowed your mind to drift from where you are? I have allowed my mind to drift to an upcoming family vacation or hunting trip while at work. Or, while on vacation, I have let thoughts go to what the office might look like upon return! One is not at his best when he is not 100% who he is, where he is.

In the devotion book, My Utmost for His Highest, Oswald Chambers says, on

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Thursday, April 14 2022

There have been papers and books written on what is called the “Great Reset”. Actually, there have been many resets in the history of the United States - From the ratification of the US Constitution to wars, to plagues, to financial crises. Typically, valleys the nation has faced have made the country stronger and more unified.

Not so in more recent history. In his talk at on

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Thursday, April 07 2022

As Ronald Reagan once quipped, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.’” This was not an anti-government quip. It was an anti-big government quip. The Founding Fathers established the American experiment as a government “Of the people, by the people and for the people.” They could not have foreseen the bureaucratic behemoth their simple design would become.

On the last day of the Constitutional Convention, September 18, on

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Thursday, March 31 2022

The piece of legislation recently introduced and passed by elected representatives in Florida, and sent to the governor for signing into law, has stirred up a good bit of controversy. The bill clearly provides common sense parameters for “Parental Rights in Education.” It is only seven pages long! The full bill can be accessed and read in minutes at: 

Who do you trust? The loudest on

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Thursday, March 24 2022

Do you remember the weather rock? It was a rock suspended by a string from a tripod of sorts. If the rock was wet, it was raining. If it was white, the weather report was snow. If the rock was moving, it was windy. If the rock and tripod were gone – TORNADO!

Technology has come a long way since the weather rock though it is hard to beat its accuracy. Predictions of storm severity have on

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